Kbs tuff dating controversy

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Around the time that On the Origin of Species was published, Lord Kelvin authoritatively stated that the Earth was between 20 and million years old, a range still quoted today by many who deny evolution. As it was difficult to conceive of life's diversity arising via natural selection and speciation in so short a span, the apparent young Earth formed a serious barrier to the plausibility of evolution's capacity to generate the tree of life. Huxley famously attacked Kelvin, saying that his calculations appeared accurate due to their internal precision, but were based on faulty underlying assumptions about the nature of physics [1]. Garniss Curtis was born in San Rafael, California in
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Garniss Curtis (1919–2012): Dating Our Past

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Garniss Curtis (–): Dating Our Past

My comments are in Blue. Then I became aware of a growing number of scientists -- most of them Christians -- who were saying that Radiometric Methods are not what we were told, and that they are almost totally unreliable as far as telling us how old a rock is, or even when it solidified. The reason I came to reject such dates outright -- as both inaccurate and based more on faith in the man-made and changeable Geological Time Chart, than on science -- are elaborated on in my papers on Radiometric Dating, Carbon 14 Dating , and also as elaborated on below. Many of those articles and their erroneous "dates" are referenced on my Radiometric Dating page in Tables One and Two. However, lets take the case of the KBS tuff, as our example of how I can make such a claim. One of the best accounts I have read on this subject is given by Marvin Lubenow, in his book Bones of Contention. It is also very well documented.
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The tuff is widely distributed geographically, and marks a significant transition between water flow and associated environmental conditions around Lake Turkana shortly after 2 Ma. Between the age of the tuff was the subject of intense academic dispute, with a variety of dates proposed by different geochemical and paleontological laboratories. Argon-argon dating has placed the age of the KBS Tuff at 1. The KBS Tuff marks a transition in the Turkana Basin from a stable to a fluctuating lake, partly filled by a river and delta system to the north and east of the basin. The date was called into question because efforts to replicate the findings produced KBS Tuff ages ranging from less than 1 to over Ma.
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Measurement, Realism and Objectivity pp Cite as. The present paper was initially stimulated by attendance at a lecture in Montreal in March by a young English geologist, Peter G. Williamson, on the results of his researches on Pleistocene shells at a site in Kenya, east of Lake Turkana formerly Lake Rudolf.
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